Has Blogspot allowed Google Adsense Fraud!

Nial Kennedy has a great write up on the Google, BlogSpot Spam issue that have come to the forefront of a lot of people’s discussions of recent days. Nial doesn’t come out and say that Google is allowing these sites to perpetrate fraud on companies and individuals that advertise on Google Adsense but in my opinion it sure looks like fraud.

Recently a good friend of mine who has a legitimate website, had his Google Adsense account closed because Google claimed there was click fraud going on. He said that in the 11 months that he had Google Adsense on his site that he was getting close to getting his first check. In 11 months his site generated about a $100.00 in ad sense revenue, but yet was flagged somehow that his site was conducting click fraud. He felt cheated and used by Google. If Google can kill his account for so little activity why can’t they stop the illegal schemes that are happening on some of these BlogSpot websites

It’s pathetically sad that a honest guy that is trying to cover hosting cost with a legitimate site gets the boot when sites that are illegal are taking weeks and sometimes months to be removed. [Niall Kennedy]

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