Technorati pitching Blogger data to corporate America

I know the power of tracking keyword searched on Technorati, and anyone that has used the service for more than five minutes for the first time probably sits back and says wow. Technorati has a problem though, they have to make money so they are pitching commercial services. I heard the mini pitch at Gnomedex but apparently they are making the rounds at various conferences defining that pitch.

That pitch is a commercial aspect of their service that I would like to get a look at by the way. Apparently they are working very hard to slice, dice, chop, sort and stack data along with working on “so called”, alogorhthims to figure out who in the blogspehere companies need to listed to and who they don’t. Those that end up on that “A” list will by default end up wielding major influence in the future with companies.

I don’t mind my data being sliced and diced, but it is curious to see how data is being merged into one big flow of information about whatever subject you want to know about. I find it interesting just to watch my name as a keyword. That gets a few raised eyebrows from time to time. [SiliconValleyWatcher]

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