Internet Explorer 7 Update: Microsoft Does it Again

After my report here on GeekNewsCentral about the upcoming MIE 7 release this summer, I found some details that may spread some rain on this browser parade. It seems that the MIE upgrade will only be for those of us that run WinXP with the SP2 update installed. If you run Win 2000 or older, or if you refuse to upgrade to SP2, no new browser for you! If this isn’t another major security snafu for Microsoft, I do not know what is. Just one more reason to move to Firefox. Now if Mozilla would only make an operating system for the PC….

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2 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 7 Update: Microsoft Does it Again

  1. the comparison with redhat isn’t quite fair because most end-users have to pay for every upgrade of windows whereas linux distros can be downloaded and used without paying.

    there’s also a lot of 2nd hand computers going around with an old os too, and the reason a lot of people have the newest windows is because of buying a new computer with it included. if they had a choice …. how many of them would have the newest version? many, faced with the choice, would not spend the money and stick with an old version.

  2. :-)
    That seems logical doesn’t it? Unfortunately there is a HUGE percent of folks still runing Windows 95, ME, and 98, less then 2000. With Windows you have one big problem to keep in mind, when folks do not upgrade, update, or protect themselves from Worms or viruses, it’s not only then that suffer. All Windows users pay the price.

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