Running Cracked software don’t expect the author to play nice

Seems a recent upgrade to FeedDemon has a payload that dumps users out of the program that are running hacked versions. Seems some of those users who where running the cracked versions have been bitching publicly about the latest upgrade. I think his move was absolutely brilliant. [Nick Bradbury]

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5 thoughts on “Running Cracked software don’t expect the author to play nice

  1. Companies are big enough to be a money maker when people start paying for their software and stop stealing it. Technology is not free.

  2. Program because you want to not because you think you will earn big money.You would have to be pretty naive to think that with all of the people and sites on the net devoted to warez,cracks,key gens,fileswapping and everything else under the sun,that your program would escape unscathed.Be happy for the increased user base and recognition.Maybe someday you will be big enough to be a moneymaker.

  3. Thats ok, i like NewsGator soooo much better than FeedDemon…Keeps everything mail, rss etc all in one place.

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