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Sony Ends Ustream Support on PS4

Playstation logoSony has decided to terminate support for Ustream features on the PlayStation 4 (PS4). It announced this news in a support notice, and tweeted a link to that notice.

As of August 1, 2016, users of the PS4 will no longer be able to broadcast their gameplay to Ustream. They will also no longer be able to view Ustream broadcasts from “Live from PlayStation” on the PS4 system, PlayStation App (PS App) or PlayStation Vita (PS Vita).

This isn’t entirely the end for those who enjoyed streaming their gameplay, or watching other people’s gameplay, via the PS4. Players will still be able to broadcast gameplay via YouTube, Twitch, and dailymotion, and can continue to enjoy viewing these gameplay broadcasts via “Live from PlayStation”.

Sony has not given any specific reason why they chose to terminate support for Ustream features on the PS4, PS App, and PS Vita. Engadget reported that the announcement could be Sony’s way of letting users know that the partnership between Sony and Ustream had ended.

Ustream is Introducing Some Additions to their Pro Broadcasting Service

Ustream Pro One of the growing trends among the online video services including YouTube and Ustream is to offer pro services. During NAB Ustream is introducing some additions to their Pro Broadcasting service Ustream Cloud Platform including:

  • live playlist
  • hd–enabled web broadcasting console
  • video on demand upload
  • new player technology
  • live close caption

The Ustream’s Pro Broadcasting service also now includes a linear programming capability which allows the broadcaster to take a recorded program and then run it on a continuous loop 24/7 or schedule to broadcast at a specific time. Ustream also has an integrated social stream, which allows the broadcaster to moderate a chat while the viewers can chat using either Twitter and Facebook.

The Ustream Pro Broadcasting Service has over 5000 global customers. One of the new partners for the Ustream Pro Broadcasting is Discovery Communication which will offer a 24/7 broadcasting of Animal Planet Live.

Ustream’s CEO Brad Hunstable will be moderating a panel at NAB “Re-inventing 24/7 Broadcast Media with Live Video Streaming Solutions” in South Hall Room S224 on Tuesday, April 9, 2013. If you are there it will be a panel worth going to.

GNC-2012-04-13 #757 Are you an Enabler?

I have a couple of fantastic stories to tell you tonight, but you have to listen all the way through to get the impact. I leave for Vegas and NAB tonight. I would expect the Monday show to be a complication of content from the first day at NAB. Next weeks Thursday show may be a challenge as I get back into Honolulu very late.

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Are 30 Second Ads Hurting uStream, Livestream, Justin.tv?

Ad Dollars

It’s the cost of doing business – advertising pays the bills. However, when you have a live show where someone clicks on – and is ready to move on when they don’t get instant gratification, 30 second ad might make them move on before they even see the show. Is 30 too long and what is the magic number?

But Hulu Does it…

Hulu, of course, has really cornered the market on stream TV. And most people will wait through the ads. Each ad is 30 seconds.

Some of them are longer and give you the option to watch the longer commercial to avoid the commercials at the breaks.  Some of them are only 10-15 second ads, too.

There are 7 commercial spots in a 1-hour TV show on Hulu. It’s network content from NBC, ABC, FOX (and soon CBS on HULU Plus). It’s not live content, so nobody misses a thing (Same thing with YouTube – pre-recorded, so an ad can easily go in without losing content time).

We might even expect and accept network TV ads simply because it is coming from a major network.

Why it doesn’t work on uStream, Justin.tv

Whereas Hulu contains studio productions that can take a pause 7 times a show, uStream and Justin.tv contains live content. Every extra second an ad takes, you lose what is being done or said.

For a person trying to start great content on this system, a 30 second commercial in the foreground could cause loss of viewership. The person, in turn, could just nix the idea and move on simply because it’s harder to get an audience.


If the content freezes or if the system crashes, then when you head back to the site, you have to endure another 30 second ad. Would that make people feel the need to come back to the site?

How should they make money?

I’m not talking about taking away the ads – just remember that people will not only leave a show, but also leave a website because they are not entertained.

10-15 seconds ads sound palatable. Add the pop-up ad every now and then – You’ve got a winning combination. Maybe when the show is off-line, content is played with breaks – 15 seconds every 5-10 minutes of content.

Browser Blocker add-ons?

Yes – if you install an add-on blocker in your browser, you could avert those ads. Personally I wouldn’t do that. It is a free service, after all. They need to make money to keep it free.

Pay a Premium?

What if the content producer paid to do their show? Would that in turn be good or bad for companies like uStream?

If the consumer was asked to pay, you might get a few that do it for a while. Most would want to go somewhere else for their content. You can only ask and see what happens.

While sites like uStream, Livestream and Justin.tv need to make money, long ads in front of the videos might not be the answer. Re-thinking the ad sounds like a better idea. break up off-line content -Play an add every 5-10 minutes in a pre-recorded show. Pop-up video ads that are not too invasive. That is what is needed in a live “See it now” environment.

GNC-2009-12-11 #535 Are you ready for the 24hr Podcast?

I am not so sure I am a 100% ready but the 24hr Podcast will go live at 11am Eastern Standard Time Dec 12th here at GeekNewsCentral.com with Simulcast on a variety of podcasts and podcasting networks. I am excited about the event as we have a lot of very cool things planned with lots of ways to participate in the show. Details will be posted here at GNC Tomorrow on how you can participate in the live event.

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GNC-2009-11-26 #531 Thanksgiving Special!

I hope your belly is full of food, lets see if we can fill your brain with Tech I also introduce Skypesaurus. I cover in detail why I walked away from the Twitter Advertising deals. Plenty of tech to cover tonight. Plus we are going to extend to the Tuesday show the GotoMyPC challenge. I want to hear about your Thanksgiving tech support horror stories as well.

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Why I Don’t Like those ‘Who’s Online’ Toolbars

Who's Online

It all started with Facebook. A little blue bar on the bottom saying who was online. I turned off the online chat. Then MySpace did it. Then YouTube did it.

I don’t mind that they have these little “Widgets” around the site. Still – You should really ASK me before assuming I want that option turned on. Especially if you add the bar.

It’s not that I don’t want to connect with friends. It’s not that I don’t want to be social. However, when I am deep in work, I really don’t want people messaging me at the wrong moment. Especially since some of these items create sounds – with no way to turn off.

Think about it. You are showing your Boss how to do something. You are on a GotoMeeting session showing off some websites that help with your brand. You get up on Facebook to show how that cool application will post to the social network site, when you get and IM “Dude – This girl does all kinda crazy http; // bit . ly / someurl”.

OK, maybe you as the masses might not be on that level yet, but you might in a couple years. I wasn’t there last year, but now I am doing more online meetings and PC requests than ever. I got off of IM’s like Yahoo and MSN Messanger because of this phenomenon; The ability to contact someone at anytime.

I did it because I have a little bit of ADHD. If I am engrossed in a project, someone might message me and we’ll get into a long back – and – forth conversation. In the meantime, I may loose focus on what I am doing. It’s not a multi-task issue. I multi-task all the time. Just now, I am working on remixing some music I recorded, adding to my own Podcast show notes and writing this article.

Maybe it’s because of the special attention – The conversation happens in real time as oppose to something I can write – then review – then post. Don’t take too long on replying to a message, or else you might just get a “Dude – you still there?” post. Sometimes, websites take certain advantages to our good nature.

For example: Have you ever gone into Facebook and turned off ALL email notification, then a month later find that they are emailling you again? You go into the settings and find they put up a new radio button on how to contact you and turned it on?

These are small privacy issues, but we are still talking privacy here. If Twitter was to inform people that I was online, I would most likely ask for a privacy button, or stop using the program alltogether.

Now I have said this before: If you are online, in some ways you forgo your privacy. I could run a program that could tell me everytime you use your computer, then send you a list of when and where you use it from. I would need specifics from your computer to do that, which would take a bit of legwork to do.

I will go online to talk at times. Then I can choose my program and turn it on. When I go on uStream, for example, I would like to talk to people. When I call up my IM – same thing.

There are those who love the toolbar; For that I say “Use it to your hearts’ content”. However, don’t assume I want to use it. Ask me if I want to use it – That way I am not surprised when someone says “Check out this Hottie…” when my boss is looking over my shoulder at my computer screen.