Better late than never: Budweiser pulls out of Russia

Within twenty-four hours of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while governments were still contemplating what actions to take, companies began announcing their exits from Vladimir Putin’s country. None of the government hand-wringing slowed down corporations and Anonymous from taking a stand on the situation. 

Now, Budweiser is jumping on board the wagon, more than a month since the invasion first occurred. Before faulting the company, it’s best to step back and take a larger view of the situation. The brewer didn’t have its own choice, the one to blame is more likely the parent company. 

Budweiser is currently owned by Ab Inbev a company that formed from the merger of a brewing company based in Belgium and one based in Brazil that occurred in 2004. In 2008 that company then purchased Anheuser Busch. 

So, the conglomerate has finally reached the decision that it will cease business ties with Vladimir Putin’s nation. Yes, it was slow, but let’s still be thankful that the move was made because every little bit helps. And believe it or not, some companies are still continuing the practice. We won’t name them in this story, but there are several places online that keep a compiled list of them, so you can easily find out the names and make your own purchase decisions, if you so choose.