Google Improves EV Charge Point Info in US and UK

As an owner of a plug-in hybrid (PHEV), I’m not as reliant on charging stations as my battery-only (BEV) colleagues, but there’s still an element of frustration when pulling up to recharge only to find the station is either full with charging cars or isn’t working at all (I’m looking at you e-carni).

Google Maps has always had some information on charging points but starting today, Google Maps will show real-time availability of charging ports, plus extra information such as where the charge station is, whether the location is open, what sort of port types are available and charge speeds. Over time, there will be additional information from other EV drivers including photos and reviews. The charging point info is available across platforms – web browser, iOS, Android and Android Auto, though an update from the relevant app store is needed.

Just search for “ev charging stations” in the area of interest to see the locations of the points.

Looks like it’s still a little bit of a work in progress as charging information only seems to be available on certain charging networks but it’s a good start. Thanks Google.