Papago GoSafe 520 Review

Over the past month I have had a Papago GoSafe 520 in my car recording the driving environment. In that time there where two close calls with cars cutting me off and one driver that had road rage against another driver, recording everything that was happening while I was on the move. The road rage video was turned over to local law enforcement, as it did provide witness to an accident caused by the road rage.

The video below is on the H3 Expressway here in Hawaii Kaneohe bound around 7:30 in the morning today. While the Papago will record just as well at night, I thought I would share some scenic Hawaii.. Priced at $89.00 this HD 2304×1296 Dash Cam – Car Camera Video Recorder with Night Vision, Parking Monitor, G-Sensor & 3″ Screen is worth every penny. It’s small enough that I put it in front of my rear view mirror, and as you can see in the video it simply does a great job.

With all the crazy drivers out there, and also teenage drivers I can post-drive monitor there driving habits. It automatically turns on when you are moving thus I am guaranteed to have their complete drive time stamped.. While I do not make it a habit to check my kids driving habits, it is also a reminder to them that their actions are being recorded and provides protection from an errant driver.

This is the perfect gift of self protection and for nothing else catching cool things you see on the road on Video.

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