Pandora Launches Thumbprint Radio

Pandora Thumbprint RadioPandora has launched something new called Thumbprint Radio. They describe it on their blog as “a hyper-personalized station for each listener”. Your unique, individual, Thumbprint Radio station will include music based upon your thumb.

That is to say, it is going to select music for you based upon every thumbs up you have provided throughout the entire time you have listened on Pandora. Give a track a thumbs up, and your station will update and evolve to include it.

Another cool thing about Pandora’s Thumbprint Radio is that it will enable listeners to rediscover songs that they thumbed up years ago. That awesome song that you were in love with for a week, and then forgot about, might return to you via your Thumbprint Radio station.

You can share your stations with a friend. Once you share it, your station is going to dynamically update for your friend as you give thumbs up to songs. This is something to be aware of if you have given a thumbs up to a song you like, but would be embarrassed to have friends know that you like.

Your Thumbprint Radio station will be made available to you once you have at least three stations “with four thumbs on each”. If you have been using Pandora for a long time, it is possible that your Thumbprint Radio station is ready for you now.