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At CES 2015 I got my first look at the Brilens LS-1280 DLP Projector. This brand out of China unlike other projector manufactures has put together a quality product. Over the past couple of weeks I have been able to use it and then last evening watched several movies with it. Let me start out by saying they only sell it via Amazon, but the company has been very responsive to my questions. This is the latest in a full line of projectors they have brought to market.

This 1280×800 resolution projector uses a hybrid laser/led light with a 50,000 hour predicted life span. The manufacture states a 3800 lumen brightness rating, that is simply incredible in the $999 asking price. I have a BenQ projector with 4000 lumen rating, and side by side the Brilens brightness level appears to be slightly lower when viewed from the same video source. This follows logic, plus the BenQ projector was a “lot” more expensive when I purchased it new several years ago. The Brilens projector is very bright for its footprint. We had no issue watching movies with it in a partially lighted room.

I did though have to make adjustments to the default color, to get the picture the way I wanted it. It has several preset modes, but the preset modes seemed a bit saturated to me. Making the manual adjustments resulted in a great picture. One thing I think is pretty amazing is that because the projector uses a LED/Laser for the light source the projector never gets hot as compared to some of the projectors on the market today that get very warm.

There are a variety of inputs 2x HDMI, Composite, VGA. You can select media from a SD slot or hook up ad external hard drive. The projector is relatively small at 10 x 7.5 x 2.5. The projector is 3.5 pounds but the external power supply came with it is probably another 4 pounds. I also received an external battery pack to power the projector, and this is one of the stand out items. The battery was rated at 6000 mah with an output power of 12vdc which was enough to run the projector for several hours on a single charge. The unit shipped in a very nice box, one that I will keep and store the projector in. It comes with all the cables needed to get started.

The projector also has a 3D mode that I was able to test and was surprised on how well it did. Being this projector is 1280×800 resolution, I would likely use this for gaming or casual movie watching. In fact I took it with me on a recent trip with me and I was pleased with the performance. In the video below you can hear from the Brilens team.

So if you are looking for a multi-feature projector that will not break the bank then give the Brilens First Laser Projector Ls1280 1280 X 800 50 000:1 Osram DLP 3d Projector a try.

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  1. An interesting teardown:

    It turns out that this projector is just an LED projector. The whole “laser” claim is a bit of a scam. The picture is provided by Red, Green, and Blue LEDs. The company just included a couple 405nm (purple/violet) laser diodes worth a few dollars, inside the unit, so that they could call it a “laser projector”.

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