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Squarespace the web publishing and content management system, recently released a note app for the iPhone. Not surprisingly to anyone who is a fan of Squarespace it is beautiful and simple to use. When you open it up you are presented with a blank page. If you want to get back to a previous note you swipe to the right. Once you are finished writing a note and are ready to send it you swipe to the left and are given a list of choices. Not surprisingly you can send it to your Squarespace blog, but you can also send it to Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote or by email. If you want you can choose to make one of them your default choice. When you swipe up to send the note it will then send it to your default choice. If you don’t make a default choice then when you are ready to send a note you have to swipe to the left make your choice, swipe back and then up.

Although Note by Square Space is beautiful, I ran into several problems trying to use it. The first was once a note was sent I couldn’t edit it on the Note platform. The only thing I could do was make a copy of the note and treat it as a new note. Although this does make some sense, I just wish I had the option. The biggest problem I had with Note was sending by swiping up didn’t always work or it would work but would not indicate it was working. This can be very frustrating as a user. I still like Note by Squarespace for it’s simplicity, but it is not perfect. It is available for free for the iPhone

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