Conan O’Brien Makes Fun of the Apple-Samsung Legal Battle

Late night comedian Conan O’Brien recently took on the often talked about legal battle between hardware giants Apple and Samsung.  Apple has claimed that Samsung, among every other Android device maker, stole their ideas and concepts for the Galaxy line of handsets.

Of course, the reality as most people see it is that many patents in technology are simply frivolous and should never have been granted, since the system is supposed to take into account if something is”obvious”.  None the less, that’s where we are in today’s tech world.  Everyone is suing everyone else and there’s no end in site.

However, frivolous lawsuits aside, at least we can still laugh about some of it.  O’Brien took the opportunity to put together a nice parody video.  It doesn’t show Samsung in a very nice light (someone had to be the victim in this), but it’s all in fun anyway.  You can check it out below.

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