Get Ready to Play Organ Trail!

I first heard about this game through Kickstarter. These guys called The Men Who Wear Many Hats set up a Kickstarter to raise money to create a game called “Organ Trail”. Anything that has zombies in it gets my attention, so I kicked in some money, and hoped this little game would, eventually, get made.

If you are my age, then you might remember sitting in school and playing a game called “Oregon Trail” on the school’s one and only Apple II computer. It was an educational game where you tried to get yourself, your fellow travelers, and your Conestoga wagon across the country, without dying of dysentery. The graphics were about as cool as they possibly could be, (for the early 1980’s).

Today, the blocky graphics, with limited colors, may look boring to younger players. But, for those of use who remember being excited about playing “Oregon Trail”, there is something nostalgic about those very limited graphics, and the simple games that used them.

This could be why The Men Who Wear Many Hats decided to update the popular “Oregon Trail” game with a version that includes zombies. You, and four fellow travelers, attempt to drive a station wagon from one city to the next, in an attempt to reach the safe zone. Try not to run out of fuel, or get bitten by a zombie along the way. That’s so much more exciting that the original concept!

The creators of the game did a great job of keeping the people who sent money to Kickstarter informed about when the game would be released. Right now, you can play “Organ Trail” on Facebook. They also sent out some snazzy little pixilated zombie pins!

The extra funding that their Kickstarter brought in went into efforts to make an even better “Organ Trail” game. I got an email yesterday from The Men Who Wear Many Hats to let me know that the iOS and Android versions will be out “tomorrow”, (which means it should be out by the time you read this). How exciting!

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  1. I installed it today. Much fun was had as I tried to survive (I failed). As a bonus, you get to shoot your crew if they get sick!

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