Plizy Another Way to View Videos on Your iPad

If you like to watch online videos on your iPad but are tired of trying to find ones that interest you, then Plizy maybe what you are looking for. It is a site created by CEO Jonathan Benassaya who has been an important part of the French Tech scene for quite awhile. It allows you to view videos from those you are following on Twitter and Facebook. If you hit the Add a channel button, you will see a list of various categories, from Animation to Travel. Each category has a list of sites within it. Click on the site you are interested in and it is added to your collection. Right now Plizy is connected to Revision 3, Vimeo, YouTube and DailyMotion. Each site you add becomes another square. If you connect Facebook or Twitter, they each become a separate square.  As new videos are added to a site your collection will update. If there is a new video a blue dot will appear under the that collection.  Clicking on the heart next to a video will save it as a favorite. As you like more videos, Plizy learns your preferences and starts to recommend videos based on them and who you follow on Twitter and Facebook.  You can share the videos out to Facebook and Twitter. You can also comment and like directly on the application. If you are in portrait mode and click on the conversations icon you can follow the conversation under the video without having to leave the application.

Right now Plizy is in invite only private beta. I like Plizy, but there are a few things I would like to see added or change before it goes public. I wish there was a way to reorganize the channels by moving the squares around. Unfortunately Plizy is not Air Play enabled, which is something that needs to be added before it goes public. Hopefully they will be adding other sites to their collection like Plizy is entering a competitive and growing field. Showyou and Squrl are two other application that I have tried that are similar to Plizy. They aggregate videos from various sites, so you can watch them within a single application. Plizy ability to curate and personalize your video collection based on your preferences will be what separates it from its competitors.

Update (18:11 on 5/30/11) I have been informed that you can move the tiles around by clicking and holding on  them and then moving them or thru the edit button.  Also Blip.TV is one of the video sites that Plizy does gather from now.  Finally Plizy is now in public not private beta.

3 thoughts on “Plizy Another Way to View Videos on Your iPad

  1. Hey,

    Great article on Plizy. A few things at the end: Plizy does have an ability to move the Mosaic (there is an edit button in the top right corner), Plizy does aggregate from Blip.TV, and Plizy is now in Public Beta. As for AirPlay, i’d wait a couple of days and check back in on that ;)


  2. Hi guys,

    I’m Guillaume, Product Manager at Plizy.
    Thanks for the article!

    Reorganizing the channels is possible: longtap on a cell of the mosaic, or hit the Edit button at the top right of the mosaic.

    We already have a few hundereds of channels. They’re pushed through the Channel Builder and we’re working on other ways to find them.

    And for Airplay, you’ll here from us VERY VERY SOON ;)


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