Have You Checked Out the Amazon Android Free Apps?

A large number of Android users may not have seen a reason to install the Amazon Appstore.  After all, it has a lot of the same apps that are in the regular Android Market.  Sure, it does get the occasional exclusive – for instance Angry Birds Rio debuted on the Amazon Appstore only, but then moved to the Google market after a few days.

However, there is one very good reason to install the Amazon Appstore and to check it daily.  Every day, seven days a week, Amazon takes a paid app and makes it available for free download.  The apps range in price from $0.99 to $9.99 – possibly more, but that is the most expensive I have seen.

The free app of the day is featured front and center every day when you open the Appstore.

There are a LOT of games that appear as free apps, but if you keep checking you can sometimes find others types of apps as well.  For instance, today it’s the Gaia GPS Topos and Tracking app, which is an essential for hikers and others who take to the backwoods and out-of-the-way places.

If you thought that having two app stores on your phone was silly and that you would only be provided with a second location to get the same old apps then you are mostly right, but if you thought there was no reason for that second app store then you were very wrong.  Everyone likes free and Amazon provides free every single day.