GNC-2010-11-15 #627 Back Scatter Mania!

Need a bigger green screen, had fun experimenting with it will introduce it once I get back to Hawaii. Lot’s of tech tonight and I keep the show to just an hour. Some big announcements coming later this week just waiting on some deliverables from some vendors.

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Listener Links:
Tree’s as Street Lights.
Giant Space Bubble.

Show Links:
Don’t touch my Junk.
TSA threatens to sue Passenger!
Smartphone or stand alone GPS receiver.
Some history on the FCC!
White Pages RIP.
Mile High texting contest.
Joo Joo DOA.
Aerial Drone for Mars.
Smart Vending Machines.
MLB not playing Ball.
Space Launch from Alaska.
More Cracks on Tank.
ISS Space Walk.
Kinect 1 Million Sales.
Chrome OS and Android OS.
Beattles on iTunes Today?
NBC content needs to be shared.
Firefox 4.0 Beta.
Google makes Dumb TV’s Smart.
Boxee Remote.
Online Video TV Watching climbs.
Netflix Android Challenges.
Operation Payback.
Marshall Headphones.
Facebook Email?
Mac Adobe Audition.
New Motherboard.
Broadband demand is back!
LTE Usage Pretty high!
Meebo Web Check In.
Twitter Update.
Calacanis Talks about Lawsuits.
Net Neutrality issues in EU.

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  1. the blip tv feed is really bad it only loads the 1st 8 minutes then it kicks to a commercial

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