Kingston DataTraveler 101

When my wife needed a new USB drive, and needed it yesterday, I turned to my daily email from (I am actually not sure how I got on their list, but they do have some killer deals).  First, though, I should point out that you need to be careful because of their past habit of selling customers a hidden subscription to nothing.  Well, nothing but a monthly charge.  That aside, if you’re careful you can get good deals, and fast shipping, often at no charge.  Abd they have discontinued the sales campaign that landed them, and others, in hot water.

But, this isn’t about, it’s about portable storage, so, let’s get to that.

What I ended up buying was a Kingston DataTraveler 101 and it was under $10 with free s/h (which all daily deals comes with).

It’s a good, small thumb drive from a reputable company and there’s nothing pre-installed.  That last part is important because there have been drives in the news recently that have come with pre-installed malware.  It has a slot to thread a string through so that you can hook to a keychain or whatever else you may want.  Beyond that, there really isn’t much to be said – thumb drives are all over the place.  This is a good solid one that can be had for a great price.