GNC-2010-05-18 #576 Not Firing on all Cylinders

Every once in a while I have a off night, and today during the show I just wasn’t hitting on all cylinders. Weird how that happens once in a while despite all best intentions. Things have been crazy here probably a lack of sleep. Next show is from Michigan after I spend the day at Ford Motor Company. For those wanting to meet, there will be a meet-up on 5-22 @ 6pm EST at Applebees in Coldwater Michigan please RSVP. Special version of Geek News Central Insider coming be a Insider!

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One thought on “GNC-2010-05-18 #576 Not Firing on all Cylinders

  1. I was listening to all that Wikipedia child porn thing you were talking about Tood.

    In my opinion they should be worrying about catching those who produce child pornography and not whether Wikipedia has child porn on its pages or it hasn’t that is totally irrelevant. Some people just like to make fuss over nothing really.

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