GNC-2009-09-29 #515 Do you hear the Buzz?

Very weird one folks first 40 minutes I had a buzz I could not track down. At the 40 minute mark it simply went away. Very annoying.. I share with you the launch of the Travel Cast Network and my battle with a car dealer on Saturday and of course a super large helping of Tech News!

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Listener Links:
Changing the Media

Show Links:
Red Beacon Interview
Apple gets Political in app Store?
Apple 0 – Psystar 1
Spy on short url clicks.
Live in NYC? Mark has a Business Op for you.
Cyanogen and Google Fiasco calms down.
Make your own Word Clock!
Scoble’s Twitter SUL List.
rssCloud Update!
Cloud Enabled Podcast Feeds?
Video Encoding Sites!
Someones going to Jail!
Google Docs add’s Student Features. (Bravo)
Newegg IPO Announced.
Yawn 2 Billion App Downloads.
Google Places is it Evil?
Why is Apple forcing software again?
Value and Valuation by Doc Searls.
Hey why can’t we talk on our cells Airborne?
European Union say 85db is high enough!
Palm App Store = Apple App Store!
Chrome OS!
UK Orange to get iPhone.
10 Blog Editors.
Love Windows / Hates Ad Campaigns!
Is your phone Radiating you?
79.99 Palm Pre at Walmart.
Repair or Upgrade your iPod.
Wireless carriers crying!
Google, Bank, Gmail, Judge = Idiots!
Security Essentials available now!
Messenger super close Mercury fly by!
First Entertainer to go to ISS!
Our Sky in 800 Million Pixels!
DHS Data Search Percentages!
Warner back on YouTube — So What!
Gravity boost to get to Mars Faster!
SpaceX ready to test heavy lift rocket!

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