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Amazon and SpaceX Are Quietly Trying To Demolish National Labor Law

Amazon alleged in a legal filing published Friday morning that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is unconstitutional. SpaceX and Trader Joe’s — companies that, like Amazon, have repeatedly faced labor law violations from the federal agency — have recently made similar attacks that threaten national worker protections, TechCrunch reported.

This is just Amazon’s latest attempt to block union organizing in its fulfillment centers. But this time, these companies aren’t just limiting the rights of their own workers. If these threats against the NLRB keep moving forward, American workers could lose workplace protections that they’ve had for almost a century.

Amazon claims that the NLRB’s structure is unconstitutional because administrative law judges are “insulated from presidential oversight,” thus violating separation of powers. The company also argues against the structure of NLRB itself, as well as its ability to fine a company for unfair labor practices after a hearing, rather than a full jury trial.

According to TechCrunch, like other federal agencies, the NLRB is largely shaped by the current president. Under President Joe Biden, who refers to himself as pro-worker, the NLRB has been friendly to workers’ causes. But as the 2024 election looms, a Republican administration could significantly change that, making it more likely for corporations to be successful in attempts to strike down long-standing labor law.

Reuters reported that Amazon.com has joined rocket maker SpaceX and grocery chain Trader Joe’s in claiming that a U.S. labor agency’s in-house enforcement proceedings violate the U.S. Constitution, as the retail giant faces scores of cases claiming it interfered with workers’ rights to organize.

The company also said that limits on the removal of administrative judges and the board’s five members, who are appointed by the president, are unconstitutional.

According to Reuters, the filing came in a pending case accusing Amazon of illegally retaliating against workers in the New York City of Staten Island, where employees voted to unionize in 2022. Amazon, which has faced more than 250 NLRB complaints alleging unlawful labor practices across the country in recent years, has denied wrongdoing.

Reuters also wrote that SpaceX is making similar claims against the board in a lawsuit filed last month, one day after the labor board accused the company of firing eight engineers for criticizing CEO Elon Musk in a letter to company executives.

Trader Joe’s raised the arguments later in January at a hearing in an NLRB case, and two Starbucks baristas seeking to dissolve their unions have challenged the board’s structure in separate lawsuits.

In my opinion, it is wrong for gigantic corporations, that have tons of money, to actively try to separate their workers from the union the workers voted for. If these big companies win, it will likely cause an even worse workplace environment for their labor force. I’m hoping that Amazon, SpaceX, and Trader Joe’s are told “no, you can’t do that.”

GNC-2012-05-01 #761 Listener Appreciation Month

May will be the month of giveaways, listen to win. I also go into some of things that I have been doing which you are probably already aware to ensure the stability of the show for the long hall. Extended dialogue time on this show but with a hard hitting tech show as well.

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Show Notes:
Wind Generators and Global Warming?
Can’t trust the Tech Blogs!
Copyright is broke really bad.
Copyfraud and Trolls.
More Copyright Stupidity.
Harvard Battles Journal Costs.
Facebook likes not Protected Free Speech.
McCarthy is back at FBI!
Dotcom gets a bunch of his Money back.
Pirate Bay censored in U.K.
Hulu to require cable?
Backdoors Everywhere.
SETI to help Air Force?
Soyuz lands!
100 days to Mars Landing.
Time running out for Moores Law?
SiriusXM App Update not so good!
Microsoft dumps 300 million into Nook.
Fair Use is dead.
Digg to Washington Post?
Harley makes it from Japan.
Mirrorcase Kickstarter.
Paul Miller leaves the Net!
SpaceX test fire on pad?
Dish Hopper up to 6 channel record DVR.
Internet Speed down overall.
Bluetooth everywhere.
Skype Update on iOS.
www Turns 19.
Cloud Storage chart.

GNC-2011-03-31 #659 Green Screen Mania

If you have not watched the video for the show in a while, take a little while and watch it today when I post it, as I employ Green Screen on the show for the first time. I want to congratulate our Seagate Drive winner Justin Stockman. Lots of cool video clips to review in some of the articles tonight folks so pay attention to the show note links.

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Show Notes:
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SpaceX Something Big!
$30.00 VOD?
Hazardous Air in Iraq!
Skype to get Warrant Next court in your Car.
NYT Digital versus Everyone.
Tangibile Good Study.
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Do Not Track gaining Favor.
WOW users wants heavy fine now!
SQL Injection Attack!
Slice HD to real!
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Google Mobile Updated.
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Meteor Radar?
Up close with Mercury.
Refueling in Space.
REBR Calls home after Re-Entry!
Failed Star place to look for Aliens?
Sun Image Spectacular.
Another Skype Outage.
Hard Time for Movie Uploader.
Windows Phone 7 by the Numbers.
Last Pair of Nail Clippers.
Wallet Eliminator.
Water Leak Alarms.
Cyber Snipa Headset!
Cool Commercial.
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Old School Emulators.
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Google Versus Demand Media.
Google Page Speed.
Logitech Wireless Windmill :)
EV Battery Swap Station.
Adobe Photoshop iPad App Demo.
Face Identification?
Apogee Duet 2
207 MPG in ok Looking Car.
Did you backup Today?
Hotmail Desktop Notification.
Google Clamps down on Android.

GNC-2010-10-26 #621 No New Tricaster Yet!

Hey folks back in Hawaii for two shows only, then I will be in Albuquerque for 3 weeks on a consulting gig. Really weird doing the show without the tricaster, one thing for sure I have a whole lot less to do in the show which was kinda nice for a change. Had my outpatient work done on my arm today where the took some skin samples to from some suspect spots so should know at the end of the week whether I will need some more intensive treatment or not, fingers are crossed.

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GNC-2009-09-29 #515 Do you hear the Buzz?

Very weird one folks first 40 minutes I had a buzz I could not track down. At the 40 minute mark it simply went away. Very annoying.. I share with you the launch of the Travel Cast Network and my battle with a car dealer on Saturday and of course a super large helping of Tech News!

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