Is Google going to crack?

googlechromelogoWith great interest I have been following the news articles and rumors of the upcoming Google OS release.  I am trying to wrap my mind around the Google business plan.  From search engine to online advertising dominance to Gmail to Google docs to Google Code to Google Mobile OS Android to Google Chrome to Google Wave to Google Voice to Google Chrome OS.  Not to mention a few other less known projects and discontinued items.  It is apparent that Google wants to control/manipulate our online life. And of course bring in a few billion advertising dollars.

So tell me what is different about Google than the “Ma Bell” days of yesteryear?  Google has the cash to buy pretty much any start-up it wants.  Google has the brain power to create pretty much any product it wants.  Google has and wants it all.  Or does it?  Google is still a company.  The larger the company the more difficult it becomes to maintain a cohesive core business.  The more difficult it becomes to truly allow creativity and innovation within.  The more difficult it becomes to maintain quality and support.  The harder it becomes to truly keep the user’s data and best interest in mind.  Eventually what goes up must come down.  Even the mightiest companies weaken, create spin-offs, and face downsizing.

As much as I love the Google products I am beginning to wonder, how much more diverse can they go before we see some cracks in the chrome?