I have a Twitter account and am always looking for a better desktop application.  I have tried, Tweetdeck, Seesmic Desktop, Twhirl  and Tweetie  each has its pluses and minuses, but none are exactly what I am looking for.  Then I saw a post about Mixero another Twitter desktop application on Friendfeed and it looked interesting, so I requested an invitation code, which I received.  

 Mixero has three areas, the right section where all the contacts are, the left section where the messages are and the middle section where you organize your contacts.   You can organize your contacts into groups by highlighting the contact  then highlighting the group and then hitting ok. You create groups by typing in the group name and hitting add.    You can also search for a contact, by typing their name and then adding them to a group. A person can be in more then one active group at a time.  Once you have the group organized, you can decide whether you want to make that group active or not.  If you make it active it goes into the middle column.   As  tweets come in from a person in an active group you will see a yellow number. The number of tweets are indicated by the yellow number. If you click on the group it will show up in the conversation block on the left hand side. If you want you can tear off that conversation into its own separate windows. You can also filter the conversation to look for or block certain terms. You can also create channels for specific search terms regardless of what group they are mention in. If you don’t have a lot of room on your screen you can also close both the right and left column and only open them when you see a tweet come in from one of your active groups. 

The ability to customize Mixero to your liking maybe its biggest strength and weakness at the same time. Those who like to customize applications to their liking may find Mixero exactly what they are looking for. However if you are the kind of person who likes to have things that are simple out of the box, then Mixero may not be for you. One of the things that  confused me at first, is that it only brings over about 750 of your followers. I thought I was doing something wrong and kept on refreshing the page. I wasn’t, the reason they do that is explained in the  blog post On Contacts vs Following problem.  This is one application where watching the how to video and reading the blog is very helpful.  I would recommend to the Mixero creators that they attach their how to videos and links to the blog directly to the application.  I think that Mixero  will be useful for people who have small screens, since it allows you to keep track of all the important people your following without using a lot of screen space.  Personally, I haven’t made the final decision on Mixero yet, but it has enough going for it that would recommend trying it out.   It does work on all platforms and they are working on an Iphone application.  Tags: , ,