GNC-2009-07-03 #490 Happy Indepence Day

Have solved my FF crashing issue and we have show notes once again. My winning podcasters check in and are ready to roll. Lots of tech news tonight but I take a little time at the beginning of the podcast to talk about Q3 Advertising and how things are going on that front.

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Listener Links:
Fireworks Photo Tips
Pirated Green Dam Software
Modern Prison Visits
Dozen Donts for Entrepreneurs
Car AC Info
Mega Ant Colony Takes over World
Largest Commercial Sat Launched
Self Regulation of Web Advertising
3G Test Report

Show Topic Notes:
ASCAP wants your Monet to Play Ringtones
7.2 Billion to build Rural Broadband
Firefox 3.5 sees 5 Million Downloads
100GW of Solar Power across 24 Sites
Ariane Lifts Big Sat
Google App Engine Issues Again
Some New Lunar Images from LRO
Clear’s Wimax does not live up to Hype?
Google Updates Apps
New HIV/Aids Vaccine to be Tested!
Judge lets Lori Drew Off?
Comets and Earth Relationship
Hawaii Affiliates contracts Canceled by Amazon plus others!
Shuttle passes leak check July 11th Launch
California Economy RIP
Blubrry New Features
Psystar is back after Chapter 11 Filing
50 Years since the First IC!
Podcasters Required Watching GaryVee
Scoble and the US Navy
Pirate Bay ripped a good one by Users
Drug to make you have photographic memory
Lyman Alpha Blob
What ET is watching!
White House Salaries

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