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GNC-2012-12-05 #726 In Austin!

Many thanks to the Ohana that stepped up to the plate this weekend and donated towards our fundraising for our support folks at CES 2012. Trying out a new recording computer here in Austin looking for feedback on the Audio quality.

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Jack Ellis – Executive Producer
Mike Baine – Associate Producer

Clear Wimax Update CES 2010

Clear and their Wimax connectivity was a life saver at CES 2010. The service stayed online and maintained consistent upload and download speeds throughout the week.  The entire TechPodcasts.com crew was in my Suite sharing the connection without issue. I cannot say the same for Sprint during the week which was down 3-4 nights during the show. I have been using Clear Wimax in Hawaii and so far I have not had any issue with service in fact have been more pleased as we are farther into our roll-out.

Interview by Andy McCaskey from SDRNews.com

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Clear WiMax Hawaii

I have been a Clearwire / Clear customer for 2+ years. Overall the service has been pretty bad over the past 2 years and we only used the service for a backup connection. On the old Clearwire 1st gen system we saw average Speed Test in the 1500 kbps down  350 kbps up and the connection was really bad.

Last week I decided to give Clear one more shot. Essentially I decided to do a head to head test with Hawaiian Telecom DSL and the new Clear WiMax. Let me show you the new Hawaii Clear WiMax speed test.


In all honesty with all the hype I was expecting a whole heck of a lot more speed. The Upload speed is horrible as you can see. I was getting that upload speed with Sprint EVDO 3G.

My clear modem has a strong signal all bars are lite so it is not a matter of signal strength. The modem sits in a window facing the tower so I know we are getting a good signal. But the problems with clear service continues.

In streaming video off of YouTube, Ustream it is choppy the video stop and sputters. I find email times out and overall the service quality while the speed is faster is about the same.

The DSL modem that I got from Hawaiian Telecom has none of these issues. I am a long way from the switch and maintain a steady 3000 kbps down and 1000 kbps up and the video on YouTube and Ustream does not sputter and email has been solid.

Unless someone at Clear Hawaii can explain to me why their service is still crap I am cancelling my Clear WiMax service and do not recommend it at this time to any Hawaii customer. Call Road Runner or Hawaiian Telecom and you will get a connection that is wired and works.

GNC-2009-07-03 #490 Happy Indepence Day

Have solved my FF crashing issue and we have show notes once again. My winning podcasters check in and are ready to roll. Lots of tech news tonight but I take a little time at the beginning of the podcast to talk about Q3 Advertising and how things are going on that front.

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