Gunnar Optiks Glasses Review

2008gunnarNearly two week ago I received a set of glasses from Gunnar Optiks that are being touted by the company as being digital performance eyewear. Which as you use them is supposed to relieve a lot of the effects many of us get by sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time.

Testing eyewear can be a very subjective thing so I wanted to really see if I could determine if the glasses were having a positive effect on my eyes over the course of two weeks. My strategy included wearing them for three days straight while sitting at the computer then not wear them for three days.

I kept a log of typical things that happen to me after a day of sitting at the computer. Primarily headaches, dry eyes etc. What I have concluded in my not so super scientific manner is that I had fewer headaches and that my eyes seemed to not be as dry and itchy.

I did notice that while glasses were tinted, that the things seemed just a fraction sharper which was the thing that surprised me the most. The eyewear retails between $90.00 and $190.00 and while I may have been skeptical in the beginning I do think today that this company is on to something. The team behind the product come from the sports eyewear industry.

Here is my advice, if you are suffering from headaches and eye fatigue from setting in front of a PC all day this is a product at least worth checking out. I look forward to hearing others experience with this product.

Please note that I am not making any medical claims, I am only relaying my perspective from wearing these glasses a total of about 7 days over a two week period.

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