Baggage Ban on Lithium Batteries

Starting Jan 1st, you’d better leave those extra Lithium batteries at home if you’re going flying. A new rule that goes into effect on January 1st limits the number of extra Lithium batteries to two.

This creates a real dilemma for many of us. As I pack up for CES, I have three spare Laptop Batteries, 7 Camera Batteries, 4 Digital Recorder Batteries half a dozen batteries for still cameras and huge assortment of other batteries for all of the recording gear.

While I am a extreme traveler you are now going to have batteries taken away from you if you have more than two Lithium batteries in your carry-on luggage. They are forbidden in checked luggage.

I can see a lot of business going via Fedex because in a digital world, those of us that create digital media simply cannot travel without batteries for the gear. My cheapest batteries still cost $100.00 and they are required for my business. If I don’t have batteries I am quite simply out of business.

I am sure a lot of reporters headed to CES are going to lose millions of dollars in batteries if they are not aware of the new travel regulations. NYT


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