The RIAA wants to Litigate “Fair Use” away — A Gross Injustice!

In the past 20+ years I have probably purchased 1000 CD’s. When I was a DJ I purchased 12-inch singles for club tracks. All told I probably have 1500, 12-inch singles, not to mention at least 2000 individual tracks of music since the advent of the Internet.

Going way back to when I was a Teenager, I purchased 8 track Albums and recorded songs off the radio because I had very little money. When cassettes came out I bought every single album I had on 8-track and over time, replaced radio recordings with cassette albums. When CD’s came out I replaced every single cassette I had.

All told, there are a significant number of albums I have paid for at least 3–4 times. It will be a cold day in hell before I purchase an MP3 Track that I already have on current media! I will continue to enjoy the music I have paid for in whatever format I choose to consume it.

Shockingly, the RIAA is now saying that it is ILLEGAL for me to rip any of the 1000 CD’s I have to MP3, and it is also ILLEGAL for me to rip any of the 12-inch Vinyl Albums I have to MP3’s

Let me be very clear: I have never stolen a song, I have always paid for music that I own. I have been a good customer, I have paid my way. Yet the RIAA is saying today that we are all now criminals for ripping music that we have LEGALLY purchased.

Here is a message to all of the recording companies that support the RIAA “I will never ever buy an Album, Single, go to a concert or purchase anything from any of your signed artists so long as you continue to support the RIAA”.

From this day forward I don’t care if you company has DRM-free music or not, you will not get a penny of my money, nor my children’s money, and anyone else I can influence through my podcast and this website.

Fair Use is a RIGHT and I will exercise my rights with my current music collection!

The language I want to call your consortium is not fit to print here. The Gross Injustice being played out in the referenced court case makes the RIAA scum and those that advocate for the RIAA no better.

The music companies are culpable in the RIAA actions, as they are allowing this Gross Injustice. They have chosen through contracts and yearly multi-million dollar contributions to allow this organization to speak on their behalf, the actions of the RIAA and the Record Companies that support them are Anti-American! 

I am disturbed to the core ,and I can only pray that artists and music consumers in this country wake up and call for the disbanding of the RIAA. Washington Post

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  1. You should compile a list of record labels that support RIAA, personally I have NO idea who to boycut, but I am right there with you, it is getting out of hand.

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