Putting ones Dirty Laundy on the Interent is not being smart

It seems some Bloggers love to air their own dirty laundry on their blogs. For those that are gossip mongers I am sure that type of material really gets the juices flowing. I must admit that I love industry gossip. But the type of gossip I am looking for is not usually associated with  a deal gone bad or someone getting fired.

Here is some advice, when you have a business deal go bad close the door talk about it, learn from it and move on. When you fire someone do it in private and if a public statement has to be made, be as gracious as possible and leave the dirt off the net. If someone calls looking for a reference then you can say your piece otherwise when I and many others look to do business with you we will likely avoid ya like the plague because loose cannons can cost companies and projects millions of dollars.