RIAA back to Suing Kids

It really takes a class act to drop a lawsuit against a mother and then re-assign the lawsuit to her kids. Kids are kids, and I just bet if those at the RIAA went home and searched their kids computers they may be surprised to find some illegal music at home as well.

Let’s get really honest here. Kids do stupid stuff, and with technology the way it is today most parents have naught a clue as to what the kids are up to. I have been called in more than once by a suspecting parent to do some low level analysis of their kids computer to find out what they are up to.

In 99% of the cases, the kids have not covered their tracks and a wealth of material from software, videos, games and music and of course porn show up on the drive. Sometimes the kids work hard to be stealthy but some digging around usually reveals the goods.

I usually have a heart to heart with the parent and work on a computer use strategy that will help mitigate the activity. I usually leave before the nuclear bomb goes off in those homes, but in the end lets face it the parents are ultimately responsible for the kids actions.

They call kids minors for a reason. It’s because the laws of this country in most instances realize kids are gonna mess up and cut them a break if the issue is isolated. Which brings us full circle the RIAA is worried about one thing Money, Money, Money. [TechDirt]

2 thoughts on “RIAA back to Suing Kids

  1. There seems to be a tendency to treat kids like adults, preferably according to the one strike and you’re out. Kids have less and less space to learn. Maybe that is why some of them do grown up things (without realizing the consequences of their deeds) because, hey, they’re punished like adults anyway.
    Now this is a bit exxagerated, but I think this is what is happening. And yes, money is an important part of society but it’s not no.1, bigger houses, more card, bigger pools, bigger bonusses…. a lot of it is nice but enough is enough.

  2. Friend: “What are you doing”?
    Me(Response)”Oh, just reading about the RIAA suing kids again”.
    Friend:”Why do you read the same post everyday”?


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