One thought on “ISS gets a Boost

  1. contentpop is the newest web 2.0 site, similar to, but also very different. I enjoy using contentpop over digg for several reasons. First of which is the ease of use. I can go to contentpop, type in what I want to find, and I am taken to a list of communities, not just pages and pages of links. These user generated communities were built into this site to put the SOCIAL back into ‘social networking’ Users add content to communities and share them with others that have the same interests. The second reason that I believe contentpop is better is because you can delete content if you find it unsuitable, out of place, or if the link doesn’t work. This also makes the site easier to navigate because you don’t have to sift through links that don’t even exist. Come and judge the site for yourself, but I’m sure you will enjoy it!
    Here is one of my communities:

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