Type “A” Personalities in IT people lead to stress!

Well one thing is for sure you don’t have to tell me that most IT folks are Type “A” Personalities. I know that I am thats for sure, and a lot of the people I have worked with over the years are also. I know my personal stress meter gets pegged pretty high. Mater of fact it’s pegged about 90% of the time. I am sure that at some point it will catch up with me.

As I look in the mirror at my graying and receding hair genes are partially to blame but I am sure it is being expedited by the stress of having a day job, running a company at night, creating a show twice a week, refreshing my education by taking college courses on line with an 2-3 class load per semester, plus kids, wife, life… yea I am probably a walking time bomb.

Most of us according to the national surveys on Americans getting fat probably need to be in the Gym a few more days a week. That is definitely the case for me. Can some one take dictation while I am on the cross trainer. What I have been thinking about doing is hiring a personal trainer that will kick my behind if I don’t make it to the gym. Best way to make me squirm is to waste money so that may be the motivating factor, but hey isn’t the gym the place you burn stress not get stressed up about going..

Hows your stress level today. Mine is about 99% :) [Computer World]

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One thought on “Type “A” Personalities in IT people lead to stress!

  1. You still get stressed when you workout. I am in IT and studying for two different classes, work full time (a hour from my home, 2 hours in car a day) and have a husband, two teenagers and two cats, and two dogs. I fortunately have always enjoyed working out. In saying that though, with my schedule, the only way to keep it up is to go in the morning, which means EARLY. My normal schedule is up and working out by 5:15 am, out the door by 7:30 am, work, come home, study, and the only way to keep this schedule and not crack up is to go to bed early, that leaves usually about 2-3 hours when I come home…throw errands in there and anything else unexpected, such as life, and you have something called STRESS!! :)

    In saying that though, if you really want to get working out, find a place, or a thing you like, (for example, I don’t work out without my ipod) and sit down make a schedule and do it. Save the money on a trainer and buy a gadget that will motivate you to keep it up. Plan a schedule that still allows off days and stick to it. It may be hard to fit in, and stress will always be there, but you will find yourself more able to be able to deal with the stress of life working out, then previous.
    Also start out SLOW. If you have a dog, start out walking the dog for 30 minutes a day, and commit to 3-4 times a week of just moving more for the first week, then increase. It does help, but the gadgets help as well, and yes you need them :)

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