What if Apple allowed OS X to run on non Apple Machines?

That is the question a lot of us have been asking the last couple of days, it is obvious that Microsoft is pleased that Apple is going to enable them to sell a lot more retail copies of XP, but the question is raised what is Apple came out with a program that allowed you to dual boot a regular PC with either operating system. Food for thought and would probably do a lot more to expand there user base then the small fraction it is today. I’d run it dual boot on my Windows machines. [Robert Cringely]

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One thought on “What if Apple allowed OS X to run on non Apple Machines?

  1. What’s really funny is this quote from that same story.. and it’s something that a geek like yourself should be more distressed about then anything Apple has done to you in the last 10 or 15 years.. He said this…

    “Last week, a Microsoft data security guru suggested at a conference that corporate and government users would be wise to come up with automated processes to wipe clean hard drives and reinstall operating systems and applications periodically as a way to deal with malware infestations. What Microsoft is talking about is a utility from SysInternals, a company that makes simply awesome tools.

    The crying shame of this whole story is that Microsoft has given up on Windows security. They have no internal expertise to solve this problem among their 60,000-plus employees, and they apparently have no interest in looking outside for help. I know any number of experts who could give Microsoft some very good guidance on what is needed to fix and secure Windows. There are very good developers Microsoft could call upon to help them. But no, their answer is to rebuild your system every few days and start over. Will Vista be any better?

    I don’t think so.”

    I don’t either, but some folks just don’t seem to mind.

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