Product Reviews and Google Results

This past week I received a note back from a company that I did a product review for. It seemed to help there Google Juice in a way they were not expecting. Quite honestly it surprised me as well and If I knew that the article was going to get some serious Google page positioning I would have charged them to do the review.. Just kidding but here is part of the note.

Reprinted with Permission with some info marked out:

Todd, Thanks for the review of xxxxxx, we saw some good inbound traffic from the original article but about three days ago things went off the chart. xxxxxx xxxxx that has been doing our web site optimization for us, let me know that your article made it to the number two rank position on several search terms that they had been trying to optimize for us on Google. Care to share the secret.


To be honest I have not been looking at search terms very much as it has never interested me, but I did take a look, and the keywords that where getting the attention would have been the ones I would have used. This has lead me to dig deeper than I normally do, and was amazed at the number of search results both good and well weird that people are finding the site with. He asked me the Secret and I think it’s pretty simple consistent blogging day to day helps achieve page position.

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