MovableType Template Frustration

Why can I not find a MovableType template that is similar to Geek News Central. I really want a simple to manage template that is similar in layout of this website. Completely frustrates me to no end I had a developer that was supposed to come up with a design for and after two weeks I get a message that what I want to accomplish is to hard. What happened to the days of I pay someone for what I want and it gets delivered.

I suppose I could just copy the design I have here to accomplish what I need to do, but geez give me a break that is not what I wanted to do. I see plain jane two column designs, I see three column designs that have the posting area in the middle.

Can someone come up with a template that will work with MT version 3.2 that has the posting area on the left and two columns on the right that I can easily adjust the widths on within CSS and have the left hand column auto size. If your looking for a project over the holidays and want to make some money and you have worked with MT templates before send me a e-mail

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Todd Cochrane is the Founder of Geek News Central and host of the Geek News Central Podcast. He is a Podcast Hall of Fame Inductee and was one of the very first podcasters in 2004. He wrote the first book on podcasting, and did many of the early Podcast Advertising deals in the podcasting space. He does two other podcasts in addition to Geek News Central. The New Media Show and Podcast Legends.