Court Bans Federal Do Not Call Registry

Just a few minutes ago, a federal judge in Oklahoma City ruled to ban the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Do Not Call (no telemarketing) list. Lawyers for the FTC will file an appeal.

More than 50 million phone numbers have been registered, making it clear that many Americans don’t want to be bothered any longer by telemarketers. The Do Not Call list was scheduled to take effect in a week, on October 1st.

The FTC is still accepting registrations for new phone numbers, anticipating that the judge’s ruling will be overturned. Bipartisan opposition to the judge’s ruling was immediately evident, and it’s expected that lawmakers may pass legislation that will clarify the FTC’s authority to protect the privacy rights of Americans in regard to telemarketing.

Dave’s Opinion
I’m shocked. I was elated when registration for the FTC’s do not call list opened earlier this year, and I hope that the courts are able to see the light that most people don’t want to be interrupted by telemarketers.

Well, until the list finally makes it into action, I’ll have to keep transferring telemarketers to Mr. Click.

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