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GNC-2009-05-04 #474 You have to Watch to Win!

You have to watch to win! Video link is in the show notes.  One more show here in Honolulu before I take the show on the road. It will be a very busy May and June as farmers say you have to make hay while sun shines. No locked in travel plans yet for listener meet-ups but will advise when I can. Tonight’s show has some incredible stories that will cause your eyebrows to raise.

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Listener Link Submissions:
Vista SP2 Pre-Beta
Broadband Operating Cost
Nielsen Ratings Sued

Show Topic Notes:
Firefox hits projected 270 million users.
Verizon says WiFi for all broadband customers through Boingo.
Should startup founders Starve?
Video Embed Widgets to control your own brand!
Some really great Flickr Search Tools from Mashable.
Amazing Story of a Rouge Botnet controlled by Good Guys.
Parental Control on the iPhone.
Control your own short url service don’t pay for it!
New Amazon Reader on Wednesday supposed to be Big!
YouTube say NO ads in Your own Videos!
Nettica suffers DDOS that shuts down thousands of Websites!
Sprint customers are leaving in droves bleeding red ink everywhere!
LexisNexis waits 5 years to tell customers of Serious Security breach?
MPAA and RIAA site feature TorrentFreak content through XSS hack!
Who have you shared your email password with lately?
16 Drupal Clones which are great if you can find someone to design a template!
The true cost of Bandwidth that the ISP’s don’t want you to know about.
Time to get rid of some space junk with sails!
Limwire tells Congress that Limewire 5 shares nothing without notification.
Hubble repair crew ready to fly!
Can digital paper save the newspaper industry.. In a word NOPE.
Ex RIAA Lawyer at DOJ to work RIAA cases after 1 year?
193 Lasers to Ignite and create Mini Star???????? Why????

Court Bans Federal Do Not Call Registry

Just a few minutes ago, a federal judge in Oklahoma City ruled to ban the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Do Not Call (no telemarketing) list. Lawyers for the FTC will file an appeal.

More than 50 million phone numbers have been registered, making it clear that many Americans don’t want to be bothered any longer by telemarketers. The Do Not Call list was scheduled to take effect in a week, on October 1st.

The FTC is still accepting registrations for new phone numbers, anticipating that the judge’s ruling will be overturned. Bipartisan opposition to the judge’s ruling was immediately evident, and it’s expected that lawmakers may pass legislation that will clarify the FTC’s authority to protect the privacy rights of Americans in regard to telemarketing.

Dave’s Opinion
I’m shocked. I was elated when registration for the FTC’s do not call list opened earlier this year, and I hope that the courts are able to see the light that most people don’t want to be interrupted by telemarketers.

Well, until the list finally makes it into action, I’ll have to keep transferring telemarketers to Mr. Click.

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