Dear MoviePass

Dear MoviePass

I want to let you know that I personally believe and am of the opinion that you are now defrauding customers attempting to use your service in good faith. For the past 14 days, I have attempted multiple times to use your service every single time and have failed to see even a single movie in the Hawaii movie market. Yet you have taken my money! This is in my opinion fraud and I pray someone starts a class action lawsuit against you. It’s rare that I will publicly denounce a company. But your service is no longer a service it is, in my opinion, a scheme to steal money and in my opinion not deliver what you have promised to deliver.

As a social experiment, I will continue to use your service for the next few weeks and continue to collect evidence that you do not deliver the service you say you are. I am not alone in this endeavor, I have others who are collecting daily screen captures within your app across multiple movie theaters here in Hawaii that display “no” movie offerings even for movies that are supposedly in your rotating selection of absolute shit movies. If I am unable to watch any movies this month after multiple tests I will be going to ask for a refund, if I am unable to obtain a refund I will dispute your charges with my CC company and unauthorize further scamming of money.

It is my hope that you will determine what the malfunction is here in Hawaii and fix the issue immediately. You had a great service in the beginning and at this point, in my opinion, trying to keep the lights on and hoping people will not notice that you cannot actually see a movie with your service. A very unhappy soon to be ex-customer.


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