CUJO Smart Home Security Device at CES 2016

CUJO and CUJO app togetherCUJO transforms the face of cybersecurity. It protects your home against hacks, viruses, malware, malicious websites and other viral intrusions. To protect your devices from a broad range of attacks, CUJO goes beyond traditional security by using a multi-layer approach that combines firewall, antivirus, and malware typically found in separate devices.

CUJO uses self-learning technology to keep watch over computers, smart phones, thermostats, baby monitors, smart TV’s, gaming systems, wearables, and other connected devices by constantly updating itself to block new threats. This is critical because the majority of smart devices don’t have pre-installed security.

Their patent-pending system was designed to make CUJO simple to use. To begin using CUJO, simply connect it to your router with one cable. (The cable is included.) Next, launch the CUJO app. CUJO will begin to analyze behavior and secure all devices connected to your network. When your home network is attacked, a notification will be sent to your app with additional details.

CUJO has a monthly monitoring fee of $8.99 per month or $89.00 per year.

Visit CUJO at CES 2016 at Sands, Hall G – booth number 80531 (Eureka Park Marketplace).

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