Pocket Kado Cashes In Dream Miles For NSF SleepTech Award at CES 2024

Pocket Kado, named as a winner in the National Sleep Foundation’s (NSF) 2023 SleepTech Award and was featured by NFS at CES in Las Vegas, a trade show that showcases the entire tech landscape.

The SleepTech-Award recognizes the year’s most innovative efforts in advancing sleep technology, and is a feature of NSF’s ongoing work to encourage and celebrate efforts that rapidly incorporate sleep science and insight into accessible health products and services.

The SleepTech Award is given in two categories: Sleep Health and Wellness and Sleep Disorders and Conditions. NSF named Pocket Kado as the winner in the Sleep Disorders and Conditions category, and Embr Labs as the winner for the the Sleep Health and Wellness category.

Pocket Kado is an adorable virtual pet app that helps enhance sleep quality and break phone addiction, one of the most prevalent barriers to proper sleep. Available on Android and iOS, Pocket Kado has innovated traditional CBT-I, the gold-standard treatment for insomnia, through gamification.

Unlike some virtual pets, Kado, the app’s animated koala, won’t have you incessantly tapping away at your phone. Instead, Kado’s own routine will mirror yours. By ensuring that he’s sleeping properly, you’re reinforcing your own sleep pattern. The longer you stay off your phone, the more rewards – or Dream Miles – you can earn and spend on keeping Kado happy.

“We are elated to receive the NSF SleepTech Award for Pocket Kado, a product of our multi-year collaboration with leading sleep experts. This award is especially meaningful as we share NSF’s mission to make quality sleep accessible to everyone. With this honor, we aim to foster further collaboration between technology companies and clinical scientists, as our understanding of sleep evolves.” – Khoa Tran, CEO of Pocket Kado.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Revery Labs, the maker of Pocket Kado, is a mental health gaming company on a mission to make wellness accessible to everyone.