STM Cable Wrap Review

stmBeing a travel Ninja I really like to keep my all of the gear I travel with from SD Cards, USB Stick, Cables, Travel Mouse, Cables, chargers etc organized.. Typically I never unpack my travel kit as it saves time when I need to fly on short notice. This way all my cables and accessories I am going to need are with me.

The folks over at STM sent over the STM Cable Wrap for me to review. I have had it a number of weeks, and only today was re-organizing my gear for an upcoming trip. The STM Cable Wrap is a Quad-fold organizer with one zippered pocket, and 9 separate pockets of various sizes to keep things organized.. After the Cable wrap was packed with my kit it folded up nicely and is secured by a nice strap. If you pack neatly you can keep the thickness down and it will go into your back pack or even your carry on nicely. When folded its about 10x6x1 inches. My only wish is that it had a few mor zippered pockets.

In the past I kep all my gear in a single zippered pouch but it always drove me crazy as it ended up being this ball of gear.. The STM Cable Wrap solves that and folds and stores flat. So if you like to keep organized this @ $25.00 you really cannot go wrong.. May make a nice stocking stuffer this coming Christmas.


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