Skeegle is a Personal Broadcasting Service

Skeegle logoSkeegle is an app that allows people to share live moments with their close contacts. It functions in a way that is similar to Meerkat or Periscope. The difference is that Skeegle is more private. Users have a lot of control over who is allowed to view what they broadcast.

The Skeegle app is free to download and use. That being said, Skeegle points out on their website that there could be costs associated with whatever data plan you have. It also says:

By default, your content is hosted free for one month. Since Skeegle is currently in beta version, we are not charging for extended hosting of your video beyond one month. When Skeegle will move away from beta, we will introduce a paid hosting option that you can choose to use for content that you want to keep longer than one month. Any content that you publish before we introduce this change will be exempt from this charging structure.

The Skeegle app has three main functions. Broadcast is the live streaming function. Replay is your personal program guide that contains all of your Skeegle videos. Circles refers to the way you create and manage your contact groups.

Right now, you can only set up a Skeegle account and broadcast if you live in the UK. The app is backed by EE and they are supporting it to help show the capabilities of 4G. The app is available in both the Android and Apple stores right now.

You must sign up using your Facebook account and will be asked to add your phone number. You will end up with a Facebook Circle that is composed of your Facebook friends who are currently using Skeegle.

It is possible to personalize that group by adding and removing friends from that circle. When you select Facebook as an audience for your livestream, Skeegle will post a link to your live stream on your Facebook wall. That link will only be visible to the Facebook friends who have a Skeegle account and who are in your Facebook circle. The friends that are available at that moment can watch your live streaming.