MSI Bridges the Performance and Affordability Gap with New Gaming PC’s

MSI laptopIt’s the eternal struggle. You need a powerful PC to maximize your gaming experience. And while high-end systems bring premium features and performance, they often demand an equally premium price. PC manufacturer MSI Computer Corp is making the divide between pricing and performance ever smaller with its new line of laptops and all-in-ones.

One qualification for a high-performance system is a quality graphics processor. MSI delivers here as the company’s Gaming 24GE AIOs, GE60/GE70 Apache and GP60/GP70 Leopard series gaming laptops will be outfitted with NVIDIA’s GTX 960M, 950M and 940M GPU’s. Designed to bring desktop graphics to a laptop, NVIDIA’s latest GTX GPUs deliver impressive gameplay at 1080p resolutions, allowing gamers to experience even the smallest particles of digital dust. The new GTX 960M, 950M and 940M GPUs also decrease energy consumption when compared to previous models, enabling longer play time without having to find a wall outlet.

Of course, high-quality video is nothing without a matching level of audio. That’s why MSI’c systems supply 3-D sound by Nahimic, an audio performance technology that offers virtual 7.1 sound in immersive high definition. Designed to work with standard stereo equipment, Nahimic technology transports gamers into the action, allowing them to sense every footstep, hear each bullet whizzing past, and feel every explosion around them. Nahimic technology highlights even the smallest sounds, intensifies gameplay by boosting bass, and reducing noise for optimum in-game voice clarity and comprehension. It also features a high definition audio recorder to easily capture studio quality sound. This new technology currently is available for the GE60 / GE70 Apache gaming notebooks and the Gaming 24GE AIO.

But it doesn’t stop with just MSI’s laptops. The Gaming 24GE is the company’s latest All-in-One gaming PC. Praised with this year’s CES Innovation Award, MSI proudly introduces the full HD and 4K versions touted with a 178° wide viewing angle display. The computer’s sleek chassis is mounted on a newly designed L shape stand, allowing for easily adjustable front and rear tilt. Accompanied by the latest GTX960M graphics, an Intel Core i7-4720HQ CPU and enriched with an all new Nahimic Audio Enhancer, the MSI Gaming 24GE All-in-One PC puts you in the game like never before.

To learn more about pricing and availability of MSI products, check out the company’s dealer locator page at the MSI website.