U-Float Keeps Your Memories Above Water

U-Float with Go ProXSORIES has come up with a unique way for people to take vacation videos in aquatic environments without having to risk dropping their camera into the water and losing it. The U-Float is a specialized mount for video cameras. The mount, and your camera that has been attached to it, will float beside you in the water.

The U-Float provides the solution for two common problems faced by people who want to take videos while in a pool or on a boat. If you drop your camera into the pool, lake, or ocean, the U-Float will prevent it from sinking to the bottom. It also has an adjustable neoprene strap that keeps the U-Float mount tight against your palm. This helps prevent a person from accidentally dropping their camera into the water.

The mount has ergonomic indents and a silicone design. In addition to using the U-Float in the water, you can also use it the winter. The mount’s form makes it easy to grasp while you are wearing bulky mittens.

The U-Float is compatible with all models of action cameras including Go Pros, Sony Action Cams, Garmin Virb, Contours, and more. It is available on the XSORIES website for $29.99.