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MSI Showcases Award-Winning Gaming Solutions at CES 2019

MSI, a world leader in gaming hardware, debuts an industry-leading selection of gaming products at CES 2019, including the brand new GS75 Stealth laptop with the latest NVDIA GeForce RTX GPU and the PS63 Modern Prestige laptop, designed for business executives and content creators.

The recently introduced Trident X compact desktop is now a CES Innovation Honoree. Powered by the latest MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards and an Intel 9th Gen Core K series processor, the Trident X rivals the power and performance of larger systems and is the first compact desktop PC to incorporate an SFX power supply and a GeForce RTX GPU into a 10-liter case.

MSI’s Infinite S Gaming Desktop garnered two CES Innovation awards. Designed with performance and space in mind, the Infinite S Gaming Desktop perfectly fuses the power of an Intel 9th Gen Core k series processor and NVIDIA RTX graphics with the innovation of Silent Storm liquid cooling system.

MSI will be showcasing a selection of high-performance cards, including the GeForce RTX Ti Gaming X Trio. Awarded a CES Innovation Honoree in the Computer Hardware & Components category, this beastly graphics card employs a new TRI-FROZR cooling design, with three efficient TORX 3.0 fans to chill an oversized heatsink for a cool and quiet experience.

To complement its incredible graphics performance, the Gaming Trio Series features a black and gunmetal grey design with a brushed metal backplate that highlights the cumbersome RGB effects in the front and side of the card.

CES Innovation Honoree for the Computer Hardware & Components category, and the Gaming categories, MSI’s MAG271CQR Curved Gaming Monitor features 2560×1440 resolution with a 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, giving both professional and recreational gamers the edge needed to take down their opponents.

Built with FreeSync technology, the MAG271CQR matches the display’s refresh rate to the GPU, reducing tearing and stuttering to ensure an ultra smooth gameplay out of the box.

Visit MSI at CES 2019 at the Venetian, Level 2 – Veronese 2405.

MSI Brings Award Winning Innovations to CES 2018

MSI, a world leader in gaming hardware, brings CES Innovation Honorees 7370 GODLIKE GAMING Motherboard and MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Lightning Z Graphics Card to CES 2018. In addition, MSI is unveiling a new GT75VR Titan Pro with Killer Wireless-AC 1550.

MSI showcases the future of PC gaming technology based on the latest Intel 8th generation platform. The Z370 GODLIKE GAMING motherboard is ready to take on any build a gamer throws at it. The high performance and innovation of the Z370 GODLIKE GAMING earned it honors as a CES 2018 Innovation Award Honoree.

The Z370 comes with a variety of features to help gamers perform at the highest level. The Z370 GODLIKE GAMING handles internet connectivity lightning fast thanks to the Killer xTend. The Killer xTend combines a built-in switch with wireless extender. Killer allows for ultimate traffic prioritization.

The motherboard supports Triple Turbo M.2 with M.2 Shield V2, Turbo U.2 with Steel Armor and has an Xtreme Audio DAC with Nahimic 2 to deliver breathtaking sound quality.

The Z370 has four available slots for DDR4 RAM with Steel Armor keeps the DIMM slots shielded to protect DDR4 modules and deliver pure data signals for the best gaming and overclocking performance. It also supports multiple GPUs via NIVIDIA SLI or AMD CrossFire, with optimal slot placement for the best possible airflow.

The GeForce GTX 1081 Ti Lightning Z brings legendary overclocking potential to the desktop. Lightning cards are designed for the ground up extreme overclocking and performance. It features a Tri-Frozr thermal design, using three award-winning TORX 2.0 fans with double ball bearings to prove itself as the pinnacle of air cooling.

In addition to the thermal design, the Lightning Z uses close quarters heat pipe cooling. The heat pipes are infused into Close Quarters Heatsink and Backplate for greatly improved thermal performance. The Lightning Z is built with military class four components for maximum stability and quality.

MSI will also be unveiling a new GT75VR Titan Pro with the all-new Killer Wireless-AC 1550. Developed in partnership with Intel, the Killer Wireless-AC 1550 is the world’s fastest 2×2 11ac wireless networking adapter delivering up to 1.73 Gbps of throughput and is the idea networking solution for gaming, streaming, and downloading.

The Killer 1550 features 160MHz channel support and can deliver twice the throughput of what standard 2×2 11ac adapters can deliver.

Visit MSI at CES 2018 at Venetian Ballroom booth # 2405

MSI Brings Trident 3 Arctic and Infinite X Gaming Desktops to CES 2018

MSI, a world leader in gaming hardware, brings the Trident 3 Arctic and the Infinite X gaming desktop to CES 2018. Both are CES 2018 Innovation Award Honorees.

The Trident 3 Arctic was first revealed in March 2017 to high praise. Now the Trident 3 Arctic has gotten even better with an upgraded Intel 8th Generation processor and NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card. The Arctic is the perfect gaming solution for those with space constraints or design requirements and features the ultimate performance for a wide variety of applications.

The Trident 3 Arctic was also awarded a “Best of Innovation at Gaming” award.

The Infinite X features a more traditional tower design than the Arctic, but still hosts some unique features. The Infinite X uses either dual steel or dual tempered glass side panels, Mystic Light RGB LEDs, MSI award winning graphics cards, Intel’s 8th Generation CPU and MSI’s Silent Storm Cooling 3 Pro liquid cooling.

MSI gaming desktops excel in gaming performance, audio quality and connectivity. MSI also adds gaming benefits such as Silent Storm Cooling, automatic overclocking with Game Boost, super-speed storage configurations, Audio Boost and Nahmic for an incredible in-game sound experience.

Additionally, the Aegis Ti3 gaming desktop will be available with an Intel 8th Generation Processor later this year.

Visit MSI at CES 2018 at Venetian Ballroom booth # 2405

MSI Brings Optix MPG37CQ Monitor to CES 2018

MSI, a world leader in gaming hardware, launches three brand-new gaming products at CES 2018, and will display two other CES Innovation Award Honorees. The CES 2018 Innovation Award Honorees include the new Optix MPG27CQ.

MSI is proudly expanding its Optix gaming monitor line-up with the MPG curved gaming monitors. The new Optix MPG series will consist of two 27-inch monitors, the Optix MPG27C and Optix MPG27CQ. These mark the next level in MSI gaming with a curved VA panel with an 1080R curve.

Both models feature a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, and the MPG27CQ is equipped with a 1440p WQHD screen, while the MPG27C has a 1080p screen The MPG27CQ was named a CES 2018 Innovation Award Honoree.

With its 178-degree viewing angles, the MPG series is perfect for use in a multiple monitor matrix display for an optimized gaming experience.

The screen uses an anti-glare VA panel with 100 percent and 115 precent coverage of the NTSC and sRGB spectrums respectively. It features 2 HDMI (2.0) ports, 1 DisplayPort (1.2), 1 USB 3.0 Type B, an Earphone out port, Kensington Lock, 1 Mic in port, 1 audio combo jack and 2 USB 3.0 Type A ports.

It also has an adjustable stand to maximize productivity and comfort and supports VESA mounting.

Visit MSI at CES 2018 at Venetian Ballroom booth # 2405.

MSI Awarded 6 CES Innovation Awards

MSI, a world leader in gaming hardware, received the distinction of an International CES 2018 Best of Innovation at Gaming Award for its powerful, small form factor Trident 3 Arctic gaming desktop.

In addition, other MSI products, including the high-performance Z370 GODLIKE GAMING motherboard, cutting-edge GTX 1080Ti Lightning graphics card, innovative Optix MPG27CQ curved gaming monitor and the next generation Infinite X gaming desktop, received the distinction of International CES 2018 Honorees in the Computer Hardware & Components and Gaming categories.

Trident 3 Arctic was recognized under “Best of Innovation at Gaming” and “CES Innovation Honoree at Computer Hardware & Components” categories. It is the perfect gaming solution for those with space constraints or design requirements. It is equipped with the latest Intel Core processor and up to NVIDIA GTX for the ultimate performance in a wide variety of applications.

The Z370 GODLIKE GAMING Motherboard was honored under the “CES Innovation Honoree at Gaming” category. It is quality built and loaded with exclusive features for maximum performance.

GTX 1080Ti Lightning Graphics Card was recognized under the “CES Innovation Honoree at Computer Hardware & Components” category. The cutting edge MSI Lightning graphic cards have been at the top of the overclocking world for years. The latest iteration, the GeForce GTS 1080 Ti Lightning Z, is the best choice for those looking for top level performance.

Infinite X Gaming Desktop was honored under the “CES Innovation Honoree at Gaming” category. The Infinite X is the next generation gaming desktop. It is equipped with Intel’s 8th gen. CPU, Mystic light RGB LED, dual steel/tempered glass side panels, MSI’s award-winning gaming graphics cards, and MSI Silent Storm Cooling 3 Pro thermal design.

Optix MPG27CQ Gaming Monitor was honored under the “CES Innovation Honoree at Gaming” category. It is a new curved gaming monitor made for ultimate gaming. More information about it will be announced at CES.

MSI’s VR One and Stealth Pro Recognized as CES 2017 Innovation Honorees

msis-vr-oneMSI, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, received the distinction of International CES 2017 Innovation Honoree for its ultra-powerful and mobile VR-ready GS63VR Stealth Pro gaming laptop; and the world’s thinnest and lightest VR backpack PC, the VR One.

Recognized under “Tech For a Better World”, and “Gaming” categories, MSI’s VR One backpack PC is the world’s thinnest and lightest virtual reality backpack PC weighing less than 8 lbs. Powered by the latest in gaming technology and a unique cooling system to prolong gaming sessions, the VR One comes with swappable batteries, eliminate cables and cords, and is now available to deliver a truly wireless VR experience.

Honored under the “Virtual Reality” category, MSI’s GS63VR Stealth Pro is a mobile 17-inch gaming laptop with the power of full sized desktops. Armed with Intel’s 6th generation processor and NVIDIA’s VR-ready GeForce GTX 10-Series GPUs, the GS63VR Stealth Pro weighs only 5.35 lbs., measures less than 0.7-inches thick, and designed for mobile gamers who seek the best performance without sacrificing mobility.

MSI’s VR One and GS63VR Stealth Pro will be showcased during CES Unveiled New York on November 10th at the Metropolitan Pavilion. MSI’s entire lineup of gaming products will be in exhibition during CES 2017 at the Venetian Las Vegas Level 3, San Polo Hall – Room 3505 from January 5th to 8th

MSI has Powerful Gaming Desktop PC’s at CES

MSI-towerWhen you’re ready to fire up the latest and greatest computer game, you need one thing: Speed! You don’t want to be dealing with laggy video and sputtering screens that ruin your game-play experience. Fortunately, computer manufacturer MSI is bringing the hardware that’ll make your computer dreams come true.

The company announced many new products during CES 2016. Two of those items should really appeal to gamers. The first is the Vortex Gaming Tower. It’s a powerful compact gaming PC designed to fit anywhere. Potent yet small, it comes packed with power utilizing a desktop Intel processor, dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980 SLI graphics for blistering fast performance, and a 360° Silent Storm Cooling design for superior performance under the most intense gaming sessions. It will also support multiple 4K video outputs simultaneously for intense multi-tasking and allow for expandability with an easy-to-upgrade design for DIY users.

Next up is the Gaming 27XT all-in-one gaming computer. The Gaming 27XT is the world’s first All-in-One PC to support an external desktop graphics card. Armed with a variety of high-tech components and technologies, including Nahimic Audio Enhancer, Killer Lan networking, and a stunning 144 Hz Full HD display, the Gaming 27XT delivers the best out of box gameplay experience for gaming enthusiasts.

Both computers are expected to hit the market in early 2016.