iOmount’s New iOstand

iOmount iOmount introduced a system for mounting and displaying your device, either tablet or called the iStand. The iStand system consist of a disc that adheres to the device, the nub and a stand with a solid steel ball on top. The disk can either adhere directly to the device or to a cover. The nub, which goes between the device and the steel ball has two magnets in it one that adheres to the disk on the device and the other one adheres to the steel ball on the stand. These are rare earth magnets and they are available in different strengths depending on the size of the device you are going to be mounting to the stand. The use of magnets lets you to have your device at almost any angle you want it.

iOmount newest product is a travel stand which has a hollow ball making it lighter than the traditional desk stand which has a solid steel ball. The travel iOStand also comes with a clamp so you can clamp it directly on to an airline tray if you need to. iOmount is working on a way to bring power up through the stand.

The iOstand is $100.00 for the Black and White Powder coated and $120.00 for the stainless steel coated. You can purchase one at the iOmount website. iOmount also sells the iOmini for smartphones and the iOwall which allows you to mount your tablet to the wall.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine, and Interview by Nick DiMeo of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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