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Parrot Zik Parrot introduced the new Parrot Zik headphones. The headphones were designed by a French designer who hated buttons, so he designed a buttonless headphone. All the controls are done by touching the right headphone. Slide up and down for volume control, back and forth to change tracks. Remove the headphones and the music pauses, place the headphones back on and the music starts playing again. The headphone’s are noise canceling and uses DSP (digital sound processorr) technology which allows you to use the iOs and Android app to vary the sound field. Instead of hearing your music from the left and right side you hear the music as if it is coming from the front of you, like a concert hall. The Parrot Zik uses Bluetooth technology to allow you to connect hands free to your phone or music device. The Parrot Zik has four microphones two on the outside and two on the inside of the earpiece for more sound clarity. The headphone’s uses two directional microphones and bone conduction technology so your voice to go through but not the background noise. The Parrot Zik is available for $399 through the website,  Amazon and various retail locations.

Parrot is also working on a project that will help people take better care of your plants. It is a stick that you put in the soil next to the plant. It measures how much sunlight the plant is getting, the temperature, health and moisture level of the soil. The Flower Power is still an internal projects and they were showing it off at CES 2013 to talk to people to find out what they were looking for in a gadget like this.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and RV News Net. and Daniel J Lewis of the The Network and the Audacity to Podcast

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