Griffin Technology Shows the new Kiosk Retail and AirStrap Retail at CES 2013


Griffin Technology is offering a line of iPad kiosks for point-of-sale solutions. The Kiosk Retail which starts at $299 has a built-in magnetic card reader with TDES encryption and DUKPT key management for security. It works with either iPad 2 or iPad third-generation inside an impact resistant housing. It is built so the cables can be routed through the center of the steel armature for a clean look. Griffin Technology is partnering with both the ShopKeepPOS and POSiOS. The Kiosk Retail hardware is being integrated into both Shopkeeper and the POSiOS and the solution will be offered to merchants starting in February.

The Kiosk Retail works great in a store or restaurant through its integration with ShopKeeper or POSiOS, but what if you work on the road, Griffin Technology has an answer for that also with the AirStrap Retail. The AirStrap Retail case protects the iPad. The built-in strap makes holding the iPad with one hand easy and secure. This frees the other hand to manipulate the touchscreen or swipe cards. The Air Strap Retail for iPad comes with support for MagTek’s iDynamo credit card reader installed. Air Strapped Retail will be available in January 2013. If you want to view these are and other Griffin products and you are at CES 2013 they will be on display at LV CC in the North Hall at booth 5212.

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