Crayola Light Marker at CES 2013

Crayola Light MarkerGriffin Technology and Crayola have teamed up to create a magical artistic experience for children. The Crayola Light Marker for iPad lets kids “draw” in the air and watch as their drawing appears on the iPad. Turn out the lights for best results.

The Crayola Light Marker looks very much like the typical Crayola markers that your children already are familiar with. The difference is that this one does not contain ink (and cannot possibly be used to draw on the walls or to make a mess while creating artwork). The iPad’s front facing camera translates the Light Marker’s movements into a line of color, which will appear on the screen. The Crayola Light Marker requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Kids can save the art they make with the Crayola Light Marker, and their parents can share it through email or Facebook. It is also possible to print out the artwork. Or, a child can use the Crayola Light Marker to play a game on the iPad that involves drawing.

The Dot to Dot will turn into an animal friend upon completion. Spatter Paint is a game where kids use the Crayola Light Marker to pop virtual balloons that are filled with paint to “make an artistic creation”. There is also a Scene Starter game where the child uses the Crayola Light Marker to paint in the air to color in the scenes. It’s kind of like a coloring book page.

These are just a couple of the games that the Crayola Light Marker can be used to play. There are sound effects, animations, and music included.

The Crayola Light Marker is priced at $27.99 on the Griffin website. Griffin Technology is at CES 2013 in the LVCC North Hall at Booth 5212, where they are displaying their line up of products.

Image by Griffin Technology

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