Track Your Luggage with Trakdot

Have you ever lost baggage while flying or has your baggage arrived late to your location. Do you wonder where the bags have gone. What cities they might have visited without you. If you ever wonder about this and would love to track your bags while flying than Trakdot maybe what you are looking for.

Trakdot is an affordable real-time Airport Baggage tracking system. The device is small enough to fit in any luggage and runs on AA batteries.  It can be tracked using any cell phone or SMS enabled device. You can also track your luggage on the Trakdot website. The Trakdot tells the user what city their baggage is in real-time. It can send you a text message or email when you land at an airport to let you know that your checked in baggage has also arrived. Even if the baggage does get lost with the Trakdot at least you will know what city it is in.

The Trakdot will be available for $49.95 MSRP starting in March 2013. There is an activation fee of $8.99 and an annual service fee of $12.99. Globatrac LLC the maker of Trakdot will be at Booth LVCC, South Hall 2- MP25639.