Windows 8 Launches Around the World

By now you know that yesterday Microsoft officially launched Windows 8 and the brand new Surface tablet.  You have probably also heard about, and seen photos of, the big kickoff event that the Redmond company held in New York City yesterday, complete with a midnight opening of a brand new pop-up store in Times Square.  That store is now even being rumored to possibly become permanent. However, while the big NYC shindig may have overshadowed everything else, it was not the only launch event Microsoft held.

Thanks to the International Time Line, the new Microsoft offerings actually went on sale first in Australia and the company held a big event in Sydney to honor the occasion.  Long Zheng, famous for being one of the developers of the ChevronWP7 unlock tool for Windows Phone, was on hand at the Fox Studio Sydney event.  He managed to grab quite a few photos and he put them all together in a nice, sharable slide show.

If you didn’t happen to be in the Land Down Under yesterday then you can watch the lshow posted below and you can get a bit of extra information by visiting I Started Something.

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